Who Is 686?

Our “IT” brand for snowboarding! These folks are the real deal in the “who’s who?” and “who’s doing what?” for the snowboard industry/community. This is one of the last independently owned snow sport companies out there.

Why We Love 686

When you think of 686, feel confident that you'll find premium fabrics, innovative design, and functional/technical features all at a good price point. 686 is a brand that pushes the limits in their products and mission statement! This is definitely a cool company to follow as a consumer!

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Our History Together

We have been a brand partner with 686 since the late 90’s and why wouldn’t we be? Although 686 is not the biggest name, they have embraced our small, family-owned shop here in TX and have enabled us, to grow their brand within our own community.

Materials & Technology

686 being independently owned is important. From the top to the bottom of this company, their entire staff is invested in the actual sport themselves both physically and emotionally. This drives them to create the best product, for the best reasons, for the love of the industry, community, and landscape itself.

Every SMARTY® piece contains removable garments that are designed to be worn separately or together, creating the ultimate experience, versatility, and value.

Stay hydrated on the slopes effortlessly with 686's collection of technically thought out jackets with a built in bladder.

686's exclusive waterproof fabric made to protect you from snow, rain, and wind all while allowing your body's sweat to escape keeping you warm and dry.

Stratgically added insulation panels that keep different core parts of your body warmer, perfect for anyone looking to cut down on layers