Who is Descente?

Skiers from all over the world value the Japanese brand Descente for its long tradition and modern approach to design.

Why We Love Descente

Descente strives for creativity to bring fresh new form to good original ideas, with attention to the smallest details. Descente's goal is pure functional beauty - capturing people's imaginations with our love of sport.

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Our History Together

Descente has been around since 1935 and we have been honored to be a long time partner with them, carrying their products in-store and online.

Innovative Technology

Product designs reflecting a manufacturing philosophy nurtured by long experience and proven success – always delivering discoveries and surprises beyond expectation. Aimed at sparking the interest of all who seek to push themselves just that little bit harder.

Motion 3D

Descente's motion 3D fabric patterns are designed to mirror the movements your body makes as you move, turn, and stretch.

This allows Descente products to fit and feel like no other.

Infinite Movement

Featuring a Motion 3D pattern, four-way stretch fabric with Toray Dermizax lamination, an inner stretch lining, and more, Descente's Infinite Movement provides a full range of motion for increased comfort, mobility and performance.

Streamline Technology

Three-dimensional printed lines strategically placed on the chest, sleeves, and sides of garments to control the flow of surface moisture during adverse weather conditions and to keep water and snow away from pockets and hands.

Breath Ventilation

The D-Laser cutting technique with metal mesh backing allows air to move more easily, which results in less moisture buildup at the neck and chin.

Thermal Circulation System

An advanced ventilation system built into the interior of the garment to maintain optimum temperature and moisture levels.

Internal heat and moisture are quickly and efficiently distributed, dispersed and vented to the outside of the garment to ensure a regulated temperature for improved comfort.

Inner Pad Hood

Pads shaped to fit the head inside the INNER PAD HOOD keeps the hood soft and increases comfort, but also protects the head from shock in the event of a fall.

Even when the hood is not in use, the shape of the pads keep the back of the head safe and improve the appearance from the rear.


Developed to prevent excess snow and moisture from entering the hood, the Para-hood can be opened and closed quickly with a one-click-zip function.

The hood keeps the original form while not in use, dispersed and vented to the outside to ensure a regulated temperature for improved comfort.

Smart Wrist Adjuster

An interior water repellent cuff that is attached to a garment sleeve and is fitted with a precision-engineered fastener to completely seal off the wrist opening.

It easily opens and closes, and completely prevents water from entering.