Who Is Duck Camp?

Duck camp was founded in 2017 in Austin Texas and their showroom is located off of E. Cesar Chavez St. in an old historic Victorian home built in 1898! The company was established out of frustration with the quality and construction of modern hunting clothing and the desire to provide a more tailored fit, better suited to bird hunters.

Why We Love Duck Camp

We love duck camp because they are an Austin-based Texas clothing company. We love to support local companies since we ourselves are locally owned and operated. We love that their patterns are catered to Texas hunters but will allow you to blend in no matter where you choose to hunt.


Duck Camp is a very new company and has only been around since 2017. We started caring the Duck Camp in 2020 and look forward to a long-term relationship in the years to come.

Materials And Technology

Duck camp has four different camouflage patterns designed for different environments and varying seasons. Depending on where and when you hunt will determine which pattern is best for your needs. They use a variety of materials depending on conditions and application to keep the user comfortable, dry, and warm.


Designed for open spaces where plants are still green and haven’t completely died off yet. The contrasting color blocking creates shadows and depth to trick the eye of birds flying overhead. A hexagonal micro pattern on top mimics detail in the foreground to further confuse the eye.


Designed to match the surroundings in open spaces after all of the vegetation has died off and everything is shades of brown. The big splotches add depth while the hexagonal micro pattern adds foreground detail to confuse the eye.


Developed for maximum concealment in the tree canopy as well as in wooded areas. Works well from whitetail to ducks and turkey. The vertical lines of this pattern mimics the bark of trees while shades of green, brown, grey and tan blend in with a variety of woodland conditions regardless of season.


Created for Texas brush country and high plains hunting environments. The browns and greens contrast with the lights and darks to emulate the dead native plants and grasses. This pattern comes together to form the ultimate Texas dove hunting camo.