Who is Howler Brothers?

Found nearly 10 years ago, these boys out of Austin have created a brand that is taking the southern part of the country by storm. Innovative design, fantastic materials, and quality construction is driving this brand to the top of all the cool kids, dads, and granddad's wish lists.

Why We Love Howler Brothers

Our buyers, Marscha and Stacey, say that since the beginning they have enjoyed working with the brand, their team and created a great partnership. Being able to see a new spin on men’s clothing patterns and fit has really made the brand work for Good Sports. We love their modern take on retro fashion/design. They do some fantastic collaborations with artists from around the region which adds validity and uniqueness to our presentation in-store.

Our History Together

The Good Sports Howler Brothers relationship started when they did, about 10 years ago. Over the years we have continued to see Howler forge new paths for men’s fashion clothing, technical fishing shirts/pants, and an array of baseball-style caps. One main takeaway with Howler Brothers is that when you see a pattern this season, it will probably be gone next season, which has created a bit of a cult following for the brand.

Materials & Technology

Known for a lot of fantastic cotton casualwear, Howler Bros produces fantastic soft flannels, T-shirts, hats, polos, and button-up dress shirts. Their take on the modern western yolk and pearl snaps has been a huge hit over the years. On the technical side, they use technical nylon, polyester, Primaloft insulation, in a variety of vests, jackets, and pullovers.