Who Is Obermeyer

Founded by Klaus Obermeyer in 1947, Obermeyer has since turned into an industry-defining ski company. Obermeyer is a manufacturer of ski apparel; made by a team with creative, technical, outfitting, and extreme sports backgrounds, with a singular purpose – to get families outside.

Why We Love Obermeyer

For over 70 years, the product innovations that have come from Klaus and Obermeyer have contributed to the outdoor experience for countless enthusiasts. Every year their product line continues to evolve and improve because of the care, quality and commitment they put into every garment.

Our History Together

We are proud to not only be a partner of Obermeyer for so many years but to be able to outfit entire families with Obermeyer is something special to us. We celebrate many things when it comes to Klaus Obermeyer and his company- their passion for life in the outdoors and their innovative designs.

Technology and Innovations

Obermeyer is keeping up-to-date by incorporating new features to an ever changing world such as cell phone pockets, on-board music systems, Recco® rescue systems, seam sealing, faux fur and more. This is how they bring modern technology into everything they make so being outside is comfortable and enjoyable.

Integrated Rescue System

The RECCO® rescue system consists of a permanently attached "reflector" which is sewn into Obermeyer outerwear pieces.

When an avalanche happens, professional rescuers pull out a RECCO® detector which scans the slide area for signals and allows them to easily find those under the snow.

Control Zone Ventilation

Obermeyer’s CZV™- Control Zone Ventilation builds upon several of thier other technologies to bring about another level of breathability and comfort to your outdoor experience.

Pit Zips, chest vents, and thigh vents allow heat to escape, fresh air in to assist evaporation and an internal mesh insert to keep out the elements when open.

A Working Compass

Inspire the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts! A working compass, a small discoverable fun feature, is attached to each boy's and girl's jacket.

Secured with a grosgrain loop, the compass expands their imaginations by teaching them how to discover the world around them.

Extendable Kids' Sizing

To extend the longevity of their garments and support families, Obermeyer developed an innovative I-Grow™ system so their kids clothing can be worn multiple seasons.

A simple and unique way to lengthen the sleeves and cuffs up to two inches. Just snip the I-Grow™ colored threads and your growing child will be ready for yet another season of outdoor fun!