Who is Patagonia?

Patagonia is an American clothing brand that brings transparency to the forefront. From activism to helping fight climate change to actively paying factory workers a premium, Patagonia is committed to not just making a better product but doing so in a more environmentally friendly way!

Why We Love Patagonia

It's hard not to get soulful for a company that is full of soul! Patagonia does their part to save the planet by recycling post-consumer products plus they create really awesome and durable technical gear.

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We have been partnered with Patagonia since we opened in 1982. We have continued to stand behind Patagonia's mission, even hosting a watch party for Patagonia's Artifishal documentary in-store!!

Environmental & Social Responsibility

"At Patagonia, we appreciate that all life on earth is under threat of extinction. We’re using the resources we have—our business, our investments, our voice and our imaginations—to do something about it." -Patagonia

Recycle, Reuse, And Repair

Patagonia is constantly reducing their carbon footprint. Patagonia has a robust repair program and offers used products through their Worn Wear program.

Products Patagonia cannot fix are turned into new products and materials.

1% For The Planet

Patagonia’s self-imposed Earth tax, 1% for the Planet, provides support to environmental nonprofits working to defend our air, land and water around the globe.

Activism & Awareness

From supporting youth fighting against oil drilling to creating a sustainable food line, Patagonia takes action on the most pressing environmental issues facing our world.

Fair Trade Certified™

Patagonia pays a premium for every Patagonia item that carries the Fair Trade Certified™ sewn label.

That extra money goes directly to the workers at the factory helps ensure living wages in their supply chain.