Who Is The North Face?

Founded in 1966 to supply outdoor enthusiasts products that would last and protect them from the elements, The North Face has evolved into the worlds most recognized outdoor industry logo. Providing everything from casualwear flannels to the most technical, breathable, burley outer shells to protect you from the worst weather conditions.

Why We Love The North Face

Good Sports has been partners with The North Face since the mid-80s. We’ve continued our relationship growth in ways that most other partnerships do not allow. The North Face is always looking to invent new technologies to make fabrics more durable more breathable and more supple.

Our History Together

We have been in partnership with with The North Face since we opened back in 1982. After almost 40 years we have become the single largest North Face dealer in Texas and offer an assortment of products from The North Face that are second to none.

Innovative Technology

In the outdoor industry there are a few brands that come with the recognition like The North Face. The halfdome logo alone is recognizable worldwide. Known for high-quality construction and leading-edge materials makes The North Face an easy go-to for the outdoor enthusiast.

The invention of FUTURELIGHT material pushes The North Face to another level when it comes to offering waterproof protection with unprecedented durability, and breathability. Adding this material outer shell of your layering system will ensure that you were comfortable no matter the conditions.

Breathable & Waterproof

The North Face's most advanced waterproofing technology.

Futurelight is an ultra-thin nanomembrane that allows airflow while keeping water out all while remaining soft, lightweight and nimble + 90% recycled materials.

Superior Warmth and Comfort

The North Face only uses the highest quality responsibly sourced and traceable down available.

Goose Down Fill products offer not only superior warmth but moisture resistance and compressibility.

Insulates Even When Wet

Thermoball™, developed by The North Face and PrimaLoft®, is the lightweight synthetic alternative to down.

Thermoball™ offers great warmth even when wet thanks to its synthetic fiber clusters that trap heat in air pockets similar to down.

Quick Drying Performance

Stay dry, cool, and comfortable even during high aerobic activities with FlashDry.

This fabric wicks away moisture and is designed to be like a second skin to the body.

Lightweight Warmth

Polartec® fabrics come in a variety of weights, textures, and styles for a variety of activities and environments.

Outdoor enthusiasts have trusted Polartec® insulation for nearly two decades.

Performance Fleece

Built to not only offer superior insulation, Thermal Kinetic Advancement Fleece, is engineered to be durable and resistant to pilling.

Available in TKA 100 (lightweight), TKA 200 (midweight), and TKA 300 (heavyweight).

Wind Resistant Protection

Reduce the effects of wind chill with WindWall®, ideal for a wide range of activities and weather conditions.

Engineered to be flexible, versatile, and breathable, WindWall® keeps you comfortable without overheating.

Waterproof & Windproof

DryVent™ fabrics are fully waterproof and windproof yet stay breathable.

All DryVent™ clothing and accessories are fully seam-sealed.